An Open Letter Wine Enthusiast Grand Cru Customers

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I am writing this post for two reasons: To inform any potential Wine Enthusiast Grand Cru 800, Grand Cru 1600 and Grand Cru 4200 customers about my negative experience with the inferior Grand Cru cooling units and a lack of Wine Enthusiast customer support. To inform current dissatisfied customers that they are not alone. If [...]

All I can say is wow…

Written by on 11.08.2009 | workout For anyone wanting to know why I push myself, this article might sumarize it better than I can.

This is wrong!

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I always meander through the Italian wine section of any store carrying wine.  Always. (Ask my wife, it’s true.)   And this made me mad today.  I was looking at the Tuscany region in Central Market North Lamar, and found such interesting tidbids as:  $26.00 Caparzo Rosso di Montalcino  (Overpriced by ~$4.00), Rudolfo Cosimi Brunello [...]

Staircase…is coming along!

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I finally got far enough along to post some good pictures of the staircase….


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